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Handprint Theatre make the boring bizarre. Using puppetry, physical theatre, British Sign Language and a combination of anything they can get their hands on, the company strive to make the mundane into mayhem.


Handprint create theatre and education projects which are accessible to both Deaf and Hearing audiences not segregating but allowing all to see performances which communicate across language, disability or culture.  



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Company No; 7478921


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Happy New Year!!


We are very excited to lots of new projects which have been booked in for 2018.


January starts with Primary and Secondary projects happening across London.


We were really pleased with our Instagram Advent calender - a big thank you to everyone who followed us. Please do continue to follow and share our projects.



It was a pleasure to work with so many young people on projects with Early Years, KS1 and KS2 young people across the UK, using creativity to explore our communication, confidence, well-being and emotional literacy in 2017.


Our international partnerships continue to help us share ideas and expertise with likeminded companies across the world, whilst being able to explore how creative teaching can inspire young people across cultures.


2018 continues to be a big year for us as we reveal our new show in June. Moonbird by Joyce Dunbar is an incredible story about a Deaf boy in a hearing family which has touched so many of our team.

We can't wait to share our production of it with you.


We love to find creative ways to teach the curriculum,

so do contact us with any tricky topics - we love a challenge!


Please look at our education pages for more information and workshops.


Hanprint Theatre make theatre for and with young people.


Marian Hoddy & Laura Goulden, Directors of Handprint Theatre

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'This is 5000 out of 10'

Deaf Young person, Secondary, August 2015


'You just keep raising the standard. What will you do next?'

NDCS staff, August 2015


'Yay, it is a Handprint day!'

Hearing student, Primary, 2015


'Outstanding in every way'

Welemede Foundation, June 2015


'Smiles & laughter in every session is the feedback you could ask for'

Welmede Foundation, June 2015



Theatre for & with young people

Summer 2017
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Fun Palaces at artsdepot, North Finchley

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