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Marian Hoddy, Laura Goulden and Jacob Casselden co-founded Handprint Theatre during their third year at The University of Reading whilst studying Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies back in 2009.  


The team is always changing, but the company has been really lucky in developing and working with a team of exciting new performers and workshop facilitators, and look forward to the team growing in the future.


If you are interested in performing or facilitating accessible workshops in art or drama, please get in touch;


[email protected]

Company Artists


Gemma Lee                                           Matt Friett


Megan Linda Pennyfather                    Gegga Leigh



Lucy O'Keeffe


Gemma Lee


Megan Linda Pennyfather


Sami Thorpe


Jennifer Wilson


Lixi Chivas


Irina Drytchak


Anna Bolton          

Sophie Greaves


Gegga Leigh


Abi Hiester


Matt Friett


Lizzie Ward


Charlotte Arrowsmith


Steph Back


Kelsey Gordon          

Suzi Rees


Christopher Marsh-Hilfiker


Sophie Davis


Sarah Ward


Abdi Gas


Ruth Montgomery


Rachael Merry


Will Lewis  

Kara Tomkins


Bryony Read


Chris Coleman


Stephen Collins


Roger Hudson


Nadeem Islam


William Grint


Alex Nowak

Networks, Collaborators and Funders


Company Directors 2017/18 Laura Goulden and Marian Hoddy



20130207_101911 lucy-puppet IMG_3130 Emerging Artist Programme New Diorama