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Learning through experiencing the curriculum

Handprint Theatre create projects which are accessible to Deaf and Hearing young people. Using the arts to breakdown language and social barriers, we can work together supporting young people to take ownership of their own artistic ideas.

Our aim is to make sure language and/or ability do not affect opportunities to be creative!

Education projects are based on both the curriculum, social and creative topics, all designed specifically for your students.

“… we did the drama and activities, that’s how I understood the story better…”

Student aged 14 – Billy Elliot 2012

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"Great to have sign support and voice working so effortlessly together'

SEN Teacher 2013

'I learnt that you can use your imagination, nothing is right or wrong'

Year 6 Participant 2013

'I learnt that I am not the only one with a hearing impairment'

Year 6 Participant 2013

'I would not hesitate to work with them again'

Head of Drama 2011

Throughout the year we have a busy schedule touring across theUK and Channel Islands visiting many schools and organisations.


We have a range of programmes which easily fit into a school schedule, which can include as much or as little teacher input as desired.


We aim to provide a fully inclusive session, using Sign Language, visual  aids and interactive experiences.

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