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Pesky Pirates

Our pesky pirates are unlikely adventurers! These loveable characters are clumsy clever and charismatic as they sail the seven seas. Searching for a captain will they  uncover treasure, islands or just chaos?

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Supporting workshops for Primary and SEN available,

including performances, a chance to join in and future pirate adventures.

So where are they visiting next?


Previous tours have included York, Newbury and Jersey.


Contact [email protected] 

to find out more about the pirates landing at your school or organisation.


 'Great to see sign and voice working so effortlessly together'

Jersey 2013


'Children from across KS1 and KS2 and a student in FE all reported how much fun it was – this included both hearing and deaf pupils'



'You were so funny!'

Child, Newbury 2013

Technical requirements:



Sound System


LFX if available.