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Volunteer Steph Back - Deaf Fest 2015 - Wolverhampton



On the 15th to 16th of May I had the awesome experience of volunteering for Handprint at Deaffest 2015! It was a long journey there- travelling to London to meet Laura and Marian and then the long long drive to Wolverhampton. Stopping off at Birmingham to meet Roger we all had a meal, and whilst waiting for this to come I saw a rehearsal like I’d never seen one before- using the sauces on the table, it was very entertaining! 

The next day began like any other workshop, waking up early to arrive, set-up and get everything ready, I was trusted with the music for the performance which felt great responsibility even though it was only pressing pause and play. The performance was so funny, watching from the little tech box at the top of the theatre I felt like I was one of the children again, trying to laugh silently just in case everyone could hear me.

Then the workshop began… the children were so energetic (arrived fuelled full of sugar!), it was great to see the different ways adapt to the energy of the kids and the wide age range and abilities, finding games that worked and that were loved. Most of the children signed so I felt confident communicating, told on multiple occasions quite how big my hair was! It was really tiring, but a completely fantastic experience- four hour workshop and performance it was so nice to sit down afterwards!

Before my train home we all went and had a quick look around the festival in the Lighthouse, finding Stephen Collins as we went along. What I love about working with Handprint is how much you feel part of the team, every experience I’ve had with them has been so different and always learn so much, really excited to do work placement with them this summer!