Company No; 7478921

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Making the Boring Bizarre



Our style is visual, with a real value on 'action speaking louder than words.' We use physicality combined with British Sign Language in an inclusive way - not excluding non signers. All that is signed is spoken, all that is spoken is signed, developing an artistic genre of accessible theatre, rather than just adding an interpreter.


Access is not a literal translation but is an artistic process.

Attracting audiences which like theatre that is a comic yet tragic perspective of the world.

Those who are interested in socio-political comment through engaging storylines, whilst not wanting to be spoon fed information, allowing space and breathe to be able to think, whilst enjoying a journey and strong characters.


We are not looking to create a purely Deaf audience. We believe our style of work is engaging to a much wider audience.


a chaotic reflection of the world

misplaced madness

action speaks louder than words

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Emerging Theatre Company 2013/14  at The New Diorama Theatre, London.

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theatre with no words, but lots to say

accessible to Deaf and hearing audiences

'a joy to watch' 2015

Recieved Artist International Development Funding, from Brisith Council & Arts Council England 2014