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Time Travel

with Dr Patch & Zip

tick tock tick tock

time is travelling round the clock

in the future, in the past

time travelling is such a blast!

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Key Stage One students travel through time exploring Houses and Homes from throughout history. Led by Dr Patch and Zip meet characters from each period for an interactive experience within your school!

Interactive experiences are supported by literacy and art activities.  

Sequencing, spelling, handwriting, building sentences, and character building.

Castle and den building, photography, and performance skills.

'Their inimitable combination of humour, openness and ingenuity make them a very approachable company to work with as they smoothly guide participants of all abilities and experiences towards fresh ways of working and seeing. They gently present a balanced mix of highly inspirational practice with accessibility and without intimidation. Handprint are empowering collaborators who encourage safe risk taking and instigate long term and sustainable change.' Creative Partnership 2011

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The future